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About the kennels

We have kennels designed for single or family occupancy. Each kennel has a enclosed sleeping quarter with a covered outside run available through a pop hole, which allows you dog unhindered access at anytime, central Heating is available when required. Music is played during the day, we find this helpful in settling your pet into our friendly environment.  Four large secure grass play areas are available, all dogs enjoy quality time to play in these during the day. We are also happy to spend time playing, throwing balls etc. So please make us aware if your dog would enjoy these activities.

We provide all bedding and feeding bowls, although you are welcome to bring your own beds and bedding. Also any favorite toys and treats, anything that would make them feel more at home during their stay.

Quality food is provided and given as many times a day as required to suit each individual dogs needs. Owners supplied food and medication can be given as directed.

We have fridge & freezer space to store your cooled and frozen meals if required.

All dogs are lead walked twice daily within our five acre grass paddock and adjoining bridle ways.

We fully understand that all dogs are individuals and have numerous different needs. Consequently we are more than happy to alter our daily routine to accommodate your dogs requirements.

Shy, nervous and unsociable dogs can be walked individually. We will take care of your dog if it is recovering from injury or operation. Giving as much exercise as you or your vet advises. We also have no problem caring for your diabetic dog who require daily injections of insulin.

  • Owners Permanently on Site
  • Flexible Drop Off and Pick up times
  • Inspection is always by Appointment
  • New Customers. Please refer to New Customer Page.
  • Reductions for two or more dogs
  • All Dogs must be fully Vaccinated. Although Kennel Cough is not compulsory.
  • Open all year round.
  • Full Licensed with Hambleton District Council. License No: B21/05/Y2.

“We wish to HIGHLY recommend Lodge Farm Boarding Kennels. Having used others, some posh, some expensive, and all unsatisfactory, we discovered these Kennels about 10 years ago, and have never looked back. Jean Lawson treats our 5 dogs as her own. She knows them all by name, and cares for them as individuals. She takes care of any dietary requirements, looks after any medical concerns, and gives us complete confidence that they are being well looked after.

We have recommended Jean to friends, and they tell us how impressed they are too. Jean and Denis, and their son Mark are the nicest of people, and all kennels should be run like this.”

Gill and Graham Moizer – Strensall

We are totally dedicated to providing a safe and hygienic environment for your family pet while you are away


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Jean Lawson, License Number: B21/05/Y2
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